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February 08, 2010



Looks as though winter is stickin' with y'all. It is definitely gorgeous to see though! I especially enjoy the picture at Cameron Street and Alfred.


Those pictures are really amazing! Your coverage is better than the major networks' :) I just heard on the news that you all are getting 10-20 more inches. That is crazy. Chicago is kinda joining the party, with 8-14 inches predicted for today, but unfortunately there's no snow days here. A snow storm means I have to take the L train instead of my bike.


Thanks, G.E.! It is gorgeous, and actually, I really enjoy it (in case you can't tell). I just feel guilty enjoying it because there are a lot of really grumpy people out there and people who are suffering. I have nothing to dig out, work for the government so the closures always effect me and I live trudging distance from lots of great stuff. Most people are stuck in their houses, digging pounds and pounds of this stuff, no electricity, and not all private employers follow the government's decision (which I personally think is evil--they don't care about being open, they just want people to eat up leave time).

Also, thanks, Dottie! It's been totally nuts, and I just can't believe my eyes half the time. I can't wrap my head around this upcoming storm yet. I know that Chicago is much better at dealing with this than we are, but I have to say that even the Chicago people are a bit dumbfounded by all this! Pretty much the only people left bemused by the reaction are the people from Buffalo or ski-resort type places.

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