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December 19, 2009



Oh, I love that last picture! You, the wreath, the bike - fab! DC's snow storm is big news all around the country. Meanwhile, Chicago is sitting pretty with only an inch. Freaky Friday :) It's fun to try riding in fresh snow, but I usually give up after a bit and walk the bike, too. Sounds like a fun night all together.


Thank you, I'm partial to it myself :). And cool that it's news--it has been aMAZing! My cousin and I were out and about today and I took a lot of pictures, which I'll post later tonight or tomorrow. As of 5pm, there was about 16 inches of snow piled up on my patio furniture, but I suspect the actual total is much higher because my patio is kind of protected a little. It's just been great!

Lovely Bicycle!

Can't believe the shoes you were wearing in the snow!
Great job on the winter cycling, and I am a fan of the wreath as well.

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